Mild Hybrid Cars

The Mild Hybrid reduces engine load for a smoother ride
with reduced fuel consumption and lower tailpipe emissions.

Smoother drive

The mild hybrid technology adds to a more refined driving experience. The engine restarts instantly and you can enjoy smoother drive from standstill.

Lower fuel consumption

The integrated starter generator actively reduces engine load for lowered fuel consumption, especially in urban driving situations.

More power

Using recuperated electric energy, the integrated starter generator boosts the combustion engine for more powerful acceleration.

Our mild hybrid car range

XC60 Mild Hybrid

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V90 Cross Country Mild Hybrid

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S60 Mild Hybrid

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S90 Mild Hybrid

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A mild hybrid car - how does it work?

The mild hybrid, also known as MHEV or the integrated started generator (ISG), is a powertrain that utilizes both a combustion engine and an electric motor to minimize CO2 emissions, improve the fuel economy and provide performance benefits. The ISG is used to 1) start the engine 2) brake or slow the car, and thereby recover brake energy that is stored in the 48V battery. This energy is then used to help boost the combustion engine when accelerating. The mild hybrid system delivers great fuel economy benefits on some of our most popular models. For example, fuel economy figures jump by as much as 3 MPG in both city and combined in our 2022 S60.

City / Hwy / Combined



2021 S60 T523 / 34 /2722 /33 /26
2022 S60 B526 / 35 /3025 /33 / 28
Improvement+3 / +1 / +3+3 / 0 / +2
Source: U.S Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Source: Volvo Car Corporation Vehicle Testing

What are the benefits?

Apart from reduced fuel consumption and lower tailpipe emissions, the mild hybrid provides a more seamless and instant take-off in your vehicle. By recuperating the brake energy, your Volvo can become more efficient and provide smoother and more linear acceleration.

What is the difference between a mild hybrid and a Recharge Plug-In Hybrid?

Mild Hybrid

Recharge Plug-In Hybrid

Plugs in to wall for charging?NOYES
Has pure electric range?NOYES
Has high voltage battery?NO / 48VYES / 400V
Uses regenerative braking?YESYES
Uses an electric motor to enhance the combustion engineYES / 13HPYES / 87HP

Are mild hybrids eligible for federal tax incentives?

No, mild hybrids are not eligible for federal tax incentives. Consumers interested in federal tax incentives on electric vehicles should consider our Recharge Plug-In Hybrids and Recharge Pure Electric models.

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